You heard the phone rang.


Time showed 11:58 pm. It was too late for someone calling you out. However, you groped the side table and saw your phone’s screen.

Private number.

Scrubbed your eyes, you tried to look back to the screen. You started to confuse.

Who the hell someone will call me this late night? You said.

Yet, when you tried to slide to answer it, it stopped ringing. You didn’t think too much and just went back to sleep.

About a minute later, the doorbell rang waking you up. You were grumbling as went down the stairs.

Unfortunately, when you turned the lamp on, the electricity was out. You could not see anything. Luckily, the phone’s torch accompanied you.

The doorbell rang once again, making you jump. You ran through the door and found nothing.

Only when you looked down, you saw your feet was full of dirty foam.

“Happy birthday!”

Your heart almost fell.

“Silly!” You screamed and hit her. She was laughing out loud.


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New Life

pexels-photo-203559I tightened my grip. Death was nearly coming as I prayed much harder.

Once again, I looked at the knife in my hand. I had to do this! Slowly and then all at once, I stabbed into it.

My heart yelled ‘freedom’ joyously.

Eventually …

“Happy birthday, girl!”

Yes! I’m legal.


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Asian woman drinking coffee with friend free imageIf only I knew you had come back today, I would not have visited this cafe.

If only I knew you had come back today, I would have just stayed at home.

If only …

“Are you okay?” You asked, woke me up to face the truth. I couldn’t avoid this moment again and again. I should’ve realised, when the time comes I will meet you though.

I smiled a bit. “Nothing. I just thought about my editor’s advice.” To convince you, I rolled my eyes. “You probably don’t know this. I’m a novelist. Just like what I wanted.”

You smiled back at me, “Really like you. Adamant.” Then, you sat upright, put your elbow on the table and focused on me, “Look, I apologise for what I said back then. I shouldn’t have underestimated about author’s life.”

Put the cup of coffee back, I stared at you back to see through your soul. You were really sorry. “It was okay. You said the truth. The author may not have a fix work and salary but I enjoy it though. So, it doesn’t matter. Look at me now, after all!”

You sighed, looking relieved. Then, our conversation run smoothly. We chatted almost about anything. You revealed that you always bought my novel and had reread it over three times. Then, you took a book from inside your bag and put out my novel to ask for my signature. I, on the other hand, shouldn’t underestimate you too. I thought you really hated me for having a dream to be an author.

At first, seeing you took a chair in front of me to sit on, I was surprised and not ready. Your smell, your eyes, your smile, even your hair were all still the same just like I remembered.

Why I still fall for those smile after all these years? Why I still fall for those eyes after all this time? It’s always been you. You always pained me but I couldn’t stop loving you. You were cold but, in some ways, illuminated my days. Your smell overthrew my mind, your smile reminded me of the old times, and lastly, your eyes reflected my own eyes which shown how times couldn’t change my feeling for you.

Silent took us for a while. We were being tired of talking a lot. Then, a waitress came with a bottle of water. I remained quiet because I didn’t order it.

“For you.” You said.

“No, thanks. I have had two cups of coffee before you arrived.”

You pushed it to me, “You should not consume much caffeine. It’s not good for your health. I bought it for you because I knew you’d not drink water.”

I took and drank it. Before putting it down, I found a sticky note on it.

“Had I sipped from a bottle marked ‘Drink Me’?” I squinted and found you were laughing.

“Yes, you had.”

“Silly! Just like the old times.”

“Seriously, you have to stop drinking coffee from now. I’ll watch it.” You warned while pointing your index at me.


I looked up to see you smiling down at me with those dazzling dark-brown eyes. We remained silent for a minute before someone interrupting us. I turned around only to see my bestfriend, Ava, approached us with smiling drawn across her beautiful face.

Stood up beside me, she bent down to hug me. Then, she took a sit across me and handed me a red rose wedding invitation.

I didn’t know it was hurt as deep as it would be to find out my bestfriends were still together. Again and again, you were the king of sending mixed signals and I was the queen of getting my hopes up.

This story was inspired by a song entitled Jatuh Hati (it’s Indonesian song). I want to ask to all of you: do you have any premise which crossed in your mind while reading it? Share it with me! I can’t wait to read your comments down below (:

Thank you for taking a time to read my imperfection writing.

Bittersweet Memory

He died when I was four. As such a young age, I have no any memory of him. I can’t remember how he looked like or what was his hobbies. I even don’t know did he like to play toys with me or spoil me. I knew him from my mother’s story.

He bought me a pink mini helmet, maybe it was an answer why I fall in love with any pink stuff until now.  Every evening after worked, he took a bath then brought me anywhere around the city by his blue Vespa. I stood at the foot pedal wearing my helmet, jacket, and a glasses.

I was happy every time we went outside by his Vespa. Not like usual, because I wasn’t friendly type of kid, I would wave a goodbye to my mother and showed my big smile. Every time we got home, we always brought some stuff with us. It could be a cake, doughnut, or simply a package of the colour marker and drawing book.

Unfortunately, we only met every holiday because we lived in the different city. It also may answer why I don’t have a glimpse memory of him. We didn’t have many our time together. Then, I just read a book and it answered my biggest question.

Every child less than five years old don’t have a good memory, just a glimpse and it was like a flash old movie. I was sad knowing this. If only I could, I would have saved all of him inside my mind or asked my parents to take a photo of ours as much as we could and put it into albums.

I only have few photo of him and me. Today, when I was tidying my bookshelf up, I found it.


We were in the zoo. My mother told me I was two years old back then and had a big crush at anything about animals. So, we planned to have a weekend there. At that time, he had started feeling sick. During those time, he was always by my side, carried me on his back or just went hand in hand with me. I was the only grandchildren he ever had.

A drop of tear fell on that photo. I couldn’t realise that I was crying. Not because I remember the things about him but because I have no any memory of him. I felt so bad about this.

Was he upset too?

My mother said, “Of course not! He was happy to know you and he must now smile down to see you grow up like you are right now.”

She might be right. As long as I’m concerned, she knows his father better than me. But there was a sound that convinced me she only wanted to cheer me up. No matter what, for myself, I am very happy to have him in my life even when I can’t see or remember him. He taught me to love drawing. He taught me to be happy in every time, everywhere, every moment I have.

I may not use to visit his graveyard. I’m really sorry for that. But isn’t it our pray that most important?

Hello and goodbye, my grandpa. You may not be with me right now. But I believe, you are always here. Deep down in my heart.


I don’t use to write non-fiction and share my personal journal, but this time I feel like it. I hope you can point out any grammatical error since I’m still learning.

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Leap Out Free

pexels-photo-27335A ball knocked against the window aloud, making me jump out of the bed.

I was in a bleary room. There were only one bed, one desk, and locked window without curtain on it. It seemed like forever to be here. However, I had never felt so bored but today, I started wondering again since that boy came by the window and asked me to join them playing outside.

He wore dirty clothes, no shoes, and had a serious bruise on his face. Entirely sloppy.

“Hey, there! Aren’t you bored to be there all days, months, and years?” he asked, “I am Owen. We are playing and you can join us!”

I checked on the window. There was no any crack on it whereas the ball knocked it aloud, pretty sure of it.

Seeing me not paying attention, he looked to where I focused on.

“How -”

“Don’t worry! Nothing’s broken. Are you coming?”

“No, I can’t -”

Suddenly, the door was opened. My father came in with the food tray. “Whom are you talking to, sweety?”

I was sure he would be furious if I told him so. “No one.”

He smiled and arranged my food on the desk. “Here is your lunch.”

“Dad, why don’t you allow me to play outside like any other normal girl around my age?”

He came close and sat on my bed, looked upset. “Sweety, you can’t go outside. Everyone out there is evil and we want to keep you safe. Can you promise me not to come out from your room?”

To be honest, I was disappointed but for my own good, I said yes. He had done a lot to me.


In the middle of the night, I was woken up and found Owen was sitting on my desk.

“W-w-what are you doing here? How could you come in?” I sat and covered up myself.

He smiled. “Don’t you see it? You shouldn’t be here. Something is waiting for you outside.”

“What’s waiting for me?”

“Your freedom.” He convinced me, “You can come with me and find your freedom or you can stay here for the rest of your life.”

My father saying was hit me. “I should stay. Everyone out there is evil. My father keeps me here for my own good.”

“For your own good? To keep you safe?” He laughed and mocked me. “I tell you what, your father is the evil one!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“If you don’t believe me, then fine. But at least, you should try to come out to see the truth.”

Then he disappeared, making me scared even more. I just realised that he looked cleaner than I saw him before. Was he a ghost in my house? I had no answer. But in the back of my mind, curiosity had eaten me and I wanted to make it sure.

I opened the door only to see no one was out there. I could see the dinner table, TV, and couch just like the way I remembered. It seemed like forever not to see my house except for my room. Then, I found my portrait with flowers and incense on the table near the living room.

Came closer, the truth hit me hard. I cried out loud and run into my room only to found him again. “So?”

“Why?” I sobbed. “How?”

“Your father is holding you back here, he is not ready for your left. To find your peace, talk to him.”


As the day before, my father came in with the food tray. My favourite foods were there: chicken and pasta. He gave me smile and started arranging it on the desk. “How was your day, sweety?”

“I want my peace. Let me free!” I said.

He turned around. Shocked was pictured on his face.

“Please, daddy. I beg you.” This time I gave him my puppy smile.

He cried and shook his head repeatedly. “You tried to burst outside, didn’t you?”


“Then, I can’t hold you anymore. The spell’s broken. I’m sorry, sweety, I couldn’t let you go. But after all this time, your mother and brother confronted me then I found my sanity. I’m so sorry. Forgive me. Now, you can rest in peace.”

Even though I was upset to leave my house but I had to. My freedom was waiting for me.

I had to left them behind and found my own peace.

I smiled at him before running outside and breathed my peace.


This is my first writing. I take any suggestion and ask for your help to point out any grammatical errors. Thank you! (: